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Linking MCS and Autism

I’m in my 60s now, ten years into my second marriage, and my wife and I have six children between us. We are at a stage in life when our children are having babies and our friends and relatives of the same age are also becoming grandparents. When we hear the exciting news – that we’re expecting a new grandchild – the combined feeling of joy and excitement is hard to describe, which helps to suppress the unspeakable worry; that the baby might be born with less than good health. And we have good reason for concern, because developmental disorders now affect one in six children. Continue reading

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Turn turn turn, turn this world around – for the children

My daughter, Samantha, was born with brain damage caused by hydrocephaly. The cause of the condition was not known. It’s not genetic which means that something else interfered with her normal development before she was born. The subject of children with disabilities is, and will continue to be, a recurring theme in my blog posts because the subject is so close to my heart. Continue reading

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