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You can roll your eyes…. but

Last week, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne addressed the press, announcing the cap-and-trade system, an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She began by stating, “We have to take into account all the costs of not doing this because if…,” at which point she stopped in mid sentence, distracted by a member of the press. This was followed by, “I know, you can roll your eyes, but” and signalled, with her hand held up, to halt the posturing by a reporter. She continued, “ if people’s insurance costs go up because of extreme weather and because of increasing damage that’s done…insurance costs have to keep going up; that’s a huge cost”. Continue reading

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The War Against Pollution

American President Barack Obama is trying to improve air quality and reduce global warming, and is feeling the heat. He wants to reduce the use of coal as an energy source. Archibishop Desmond Tutu recently had a helicopter tour above the oil sands region north of Fort McMurray. He expressed his concern about the environmental effects of the Alberta oil sands project and received a backlash from industry. Musician Neil Young has toured the same area. He has continued to speak out against the Alberta oil sands as well, and has been accused of ignorance, and of being insulting. Continue reading

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